Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rugby league player of the day

Joseph got player of the day for his efforts at tackling and running with the ball. He is playing rugby league this year and Josh is playing rugby union. Tane will think this is sacrilege, but I don't even know the difference, except that league seems to be more popular in NSW. Also the union teams do not start until Joshua's grade, which is the under 9's so the younger kids have to start out playing league or soccer. That is a little sad that they have no ripper rugby here because that was really fun watching the little kids rip off as many tags as they could sometimes even from their own team-mates.

 Ella-Rose is such a cutie. Here she is when she came to visit me at lunch-time at work.

The three big kids after church, Ella-Rose was asleep of course.

 We took Ella-Rose to the park while the kids were at school. It was the windiest day we have had in Australia. Luckily for Ella, she was wearing a hoodie.