Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Holidays

At school before the end of term, the kids had to design their own Easter hat. They then were able to wear it in the Easter hat parade. Anna-Maria is developing a creative streak. She loves anything arty. Colouring, drawing, crafts. She spent a long time cutting out shapes to glue onto her hat.

I thought I would include a few pics of the what the kids have been getting up to over the holidays. It has been great only working 2 days a week and spending lots of time with the kids. They have been pretty busy, going biking at the local skate park, body boarding at the beach, reading and watching Lord Of the Rings and Huckleberry Finn, and generally having a good time being together.

Ella-Rose is such a cutie. She makes me laugh with all her little antics.

 So the kids got a book out from the library and wanted to make their own potato and carrot chips (crisps). Well they were very enthusiastic about peeling the veggies and even more enthusiastic about eating them.

 Why do we have tyre tracks in our garden???
Ask Tane. He and the kids decided to wash the car in the garden while I was at work. The problem was, they left the car there afterwards, to sink into the lawn. We had to get friends to tow our out of the sticky mud. At the end of that, the car was heavily covered in mud and Tane took it down to the garage to give it another wash.

While I was getting showered and dressed, Anna-Maria was entertaining Ella-Rose by pushing her up and down the hallway in her toybox, toys included. Ella-Rose loved it.

Last night we had chips, pies and mushy peas for dinner. Anna-Maria did 'thumbs up' (see photo below) and said "Thanks for the dinner mum". Joseph quickly followed of course.

The kids also wanted me to put the pics on which show them running around the house with undies on their heads. I told them i had to save some in reserve for their 18th birthdays.