Monday, October 3, 2011

Holiday in Paradise

We had the most amazing time in Rarotonga... We were just getting into holiday mode and then it was time to come back home.

The kids were really excited to be going on the plane and enjoyed carting their own suitcases onto the plane. We touched down in Raro at about midnight.

Aunty Hoana & Kiana were there to greet us with a lei each.

We drove home in their truck... the kids sitting in the open on the back which they enjoyed. Then they had a drink out of a coconut... and off to bed.

At first Terani and Alia were shy of us... but it was so good to stay with them as they got very familiar with us. We went to the beach most days and went snorkelling, swimming and kayaking.

Ella enjoyed eating the sand

 Joshua found a hernit crab. The beaches were full of baby ones but this was the largest one we could finde

We went to a place called Fruits of Raro where we could feed the fish and they came right up around our feet.

 Anna-Maria with her cousins Terani and Alia

Snorkelling on the reef was lots of fun... There were so many fish and coral and starfish to see. Tane were right out to the edge of the reef and he even saw a turtle. Joshua really enjoyed snorkelling.

 Races on the beach
 Anna-Maria and Terani both 4

Terani had her 4th birthday while we were gone and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her.

On our last day our friends took us to a place called 'Black Rock'. It is on the movie 'The Other Side of Heaven' - the place where a baptism takes place. Tane and I wanted to go snorkelling together... which we did and really enjoyed as our friends looked after our kids. We saw lots of different fish and clams, kina... We got right up to the whitewash on the edge of the reef... it was high tide so the water were pretty rough so we turned around and headed back. Ella had woken up though while we were gone and was crying when we got back.

The kids had a really fun time jumping off Black Rock into the water. As it was high tide when a surge of water would come in it would push everyone through the channel between the rock and the shore... the kids had such a fun time. The only problem was... the holiday seemed too short as it was time to leave before we knew it.