About ME!

Hi. I'm Deborah. Glad to have you stop by my blog. I am first and foremost a mother of 5 adorable children whom I love with all my heart. They are my life. My blog is called treasure from heaven because that is what they truly are and I thank God each day for them.

We are TJED homeschoolers (Thomas Jefferson Education AKA leadership education). In the younger years this is focussed on teaching children right and wrong via work and play, being together as a family and exposing them to classic literature. As the kids get older they continue with the classics and build on their firm foundation, with us parents as their mentors. Well that's the theory anyways.... We are quite new to this homeschool stuff, but we love it.

I am also a doctor with an interest in holistic nutritional and lifestyle medicine... AKA supporting a healthy body by adequate nutritional and lifestyle measures, taking into account the whole patient, not just separate diseases.

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