Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If I earned a dollar...

... everytime someone asked if I want more kids, I would be seriously rich. I think we would have a really nice house or at least a flat screen TV, or at least an iPhone or iPod. It happened again tonight when I went to work. I bearly had a chance to sit down before someone asked "hows the baby?" quickly followed by "do you want anymore?"

What is it that fascinates everyone so much that they want to know the ins and outs of how many children I have. Neither is there an end to comments on whether I should or not. When I told people I was pregnant with Ella-Rose the first response was (from a doctor colleague) "after that you have to have a tubal ligation" (sterilization for non-medical types). Another doctor comment went like this "don't you think there are enough people in the world?" To which my response was "Not in the South Island there aren't".

When I said we would probably have more children... they just shuddered and said I don't know how you do it, but the truth is... I love my kids, my husband is great and one day my kids will be grown up and gone and that will be all too soon. When I see newborn babies now I realise how much Ella-Rose has grown and think, I don't want her to be the last newborn in my arms. I see Anna-Maria give me a kiss at school and don't want Ella-Rose to be the last child to kiss me goodbye. So just to make everyone around me think I am completely CRAZY... yes I hope there will be more children to come... just not yet.


Angela said...

Me too!! I want more children but not just yet and when the time is right!! Got to find a husband first though!! Ha ha

juliette said...

angela you need to put more on your blog. i keep checking it out but nothing new. aunty ruth