Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lily is sitting up now, wow time flies...

Little Lily is 7 months now, and she is sitting up, little cutie.

I managed to catch a couple of pics of Lily inflicting pain on Tane and Joshua. She has got such a tight grip, if she manages to get hold of you... it is like a death grip.

 It's all full and games till someone gets hurt.

 All's well that ends well

Ella loves to draw. She wanted to show me her piece of art. Annamaria drew her a tree to colour in.

Annamaria is very creative and loves art of all kinds. She loves drawing, colouring and painting.

This week we have been studying Narnia - The Last Battle. The boys in particular have really loved this series, but it is funny to see the effect our reading together has on Ella-Rose. She brings the book to me when it is time for kidschool saying 'Narney, Narney' and wants me to read it. This story in particular is so intriguing to me as I see so many paralleled between the conditions in Narnia and now in our society and the world in general.

We are also reading Laddie... it is cute, the children enjoy all those older-fashioned stories of old-fashioned childhood and always wish they were a part of the story.

The boys are learning handball at their sports group, which they love and they are on the same rugby team, both are playing very well so far this season. Joseph got player of the day for the first game of the season. They came home happy from their rugby training this week. One of the other kids mums makes doughnuts (Mama's doughnuts)... and they brought a stash for the players.

Joshua and Annamaria are flying through their 'Life of Fred' maths... it is a humorous curriculum based on the life of a 5 year old maths professor. It is a story but they learn maths principles as they read through the book. Joseph seems to be less fond of this style of learning, as I think he is the most hands on leaner of the group. 

This week we are off to homeschool group and well as homeschool sports so the kids will have a very enjoyable week. Joshua is doing outdoor adventure and cooking, Joseph is doing BMX, go-karting and cooking, and Anna-maria is doing art and ball skills. She loves the art, but is less keen on the ball skills as she is one of the younger kids in the group and is a bit scared of the bigger boys. Ella-Rose gets to do movement and music and playgroup activities (painting/playing with toys) and I am taking a games class... which I have yet to prepare for.

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