Monday, June 27, 2011

Moments that matter most

As I watched this video clip today I though to myself "What moments matter most to me?" I realised that all the moments in my life have been special because they have been moments shared with my family. Even moments of personal achievement have only been significant because my family have been there with me.

Holding my baby in my arms for the first time... feeling the thinness of the veil, smelling the newborn smell, and watching the infant open their eyes for the first time... squinting against the harsh light. When Joshua was placed in my arms, it felt so lovely, but also so foreign. I was full of excitement mixed with uncertainty. Would I be a good mother? Would I live up to all my own expectations? And where was the instruction manual? By the time Ella-Rose was born my heart was simply full of joy and appreciation for yet another beautiful child becoming part of our family. I had changed a lot in those 6 years since Joshua was born, I felt like I had loved her for a thousand years the moment she was placed in my arms.

Being sealed to Tane for time and eternity. It was so special... over 10 years ago... and yet it feels but a moment ago. I remember walking up the temple steps with my dad to where Tane was waiting for me, and he told me I looked beautiful. That meant the world to me. Then kneeling across the altar and looking into his eyes. I love going to the temple and doing sealings. Each time we do my heart recaptures those emotions, yet they are more powerful with time.

Watching my children laugh and laugh and laugh as they play. - Anna-Maria often get the giggles while she is swinging or jumping on the trampoline. Joseph has been a bundle of laughs since he was born. He always smiles. Even when he is angry, he can't help but burst into laughter a second or two later. Joshua is developing a quick wit and he sometimes has me in stitches. 

Tane and I graduating from our degrees. We had meant to finish together, but as we had 3 children along the way... I finished 3 years after Tane. He waited to graduate for 3 years so we could graduate together. Why was it such a special moment? For many reasons. 
My parents were there... and I owe them so much for their support of me in obtaining the best education I could. I remember wanting to give up during my last 6 months and Tane told me how disappointed my parents would be if I did. I reaslised this was so true and more than my desire to achieve for myself was my desire to show them that all their support and sacrifices they had given  since I was little was worth it. 
Tane and I graduated together. Tane had been such a big support. Since we were married he was adamant that I would finish my education, he valued mine as valuable as his own (although when we were engaged and I told him the size of my student loan he nearly drove us off the road).
The kids were there. My education was important, but having my kids there made it very special. They got to be a part of the excitement and I hope I have set an example to them of their potential.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child. We went on a visit to the firestation, and Anna-Maria was fascinated by a flock of birds that kept circling the sky around the firestation.

Seeing Ella-Rose grow from day to day, develop new skills. At the moment she is saying 'dadadada'. She really loves her Daddy a lot. She gets so excited when Tane comes home from work.

Watching Anna-Maria dancing. She loves it. We went to the pools on Saturday and after we were dressed and waiting for the boys, she practiced her skipping and galloping up and down the corridor.

Watching the boys do the in Haka in Kapa Haka group at school.

The kids helping out around the house with a smile on their face.

Helping the kids learn to write... at 7am in the morning when it is -1.5 degrees celcius outside but 24 degrees inside. :)

Reading stories to the kids, snuggling, kisses and saying goodnight.

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Jordan McCollum said...

Those are definitely moments that matter most. Thanks for the dose of perspective!