Monday, January 30, 2012

Joshua's surf lesson

Joshua had his first 'Faith in God' activity day yesterday. They were learning to surf. Our branch president would have Josh in the water helping him get started out on the wave for a few turns, then he would give the other valiant (Lizzie) a turn. They both really loved it. It was also Lizzies birthday, so there was a cake and a bit of a birthday celebration afterwards. Joshua has really enjoyed getting out into the water this summer, mostly on his bodyboard, as he only got given a proper surf board towards the end of the summer holidays... He is giving it a go, though and is very keen and determined. I'm sure in a few more summers he will be a lot better than where he is now. He's also learning the power of patience and determination.

Here is one of the clips I managed to shoot of Josh, not one of his better attempts but I always managed to miss those.

The other kids played on the beach, Joseph  was playing some kind of army game, and was very intriguing to watch his little antics.
Ella-Rose as usual was loving it at the beach... She is a little water-beach baby.

 Anna-Maria found a little stick and started writing the alphabet in the sand... the kids learn everywhere and are so self directed... I love it.

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