Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ella-Rose's 1st Birthday

Happy first birthday Ella-Rose. Wow. It seems only yesterday that I was pregnant with you and so eager for you to be born. What a blessing it was when you were placed in my arms. You are a beautiful little blossom, getting so cheeky with your cutie little teeth.
Mummy and Daddy love you so much.

We had a combined birthday party for Ella-Rose and Mathias as they both turned 1 within a week of each other. We had a BBQ at the beach. There was a pinata, the kids enjoyed collecting all the lollies.
Ella-Rose kept crawling into the sea and would get bowled over, but would just keep on going.

We like these beaches better than the ones in Rarotonga... except there is no reef to snorkel.

When it was her actual birthday, she had another cake. Lucky girl!

 Eating her yummy cake.

Ella-Rose got a swing for her birthday... You can see she loves it a lot.

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