Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hand-Clapping Games

Today I showed Anna-Maria some of the hand-clapping games we used to play at playtime at school.
We played 'Miss Mary Mack' and 'Under the Bramble Bushes'. We also did 'A sailor went to sea, sea, sea'. She really enjoyed it and picked the up very quickly. I wanted to show her these games so she had some less boisterous games she could play while we are at social gatherings and there may not be much space to run around. It seems sad to me to see a bunch of kids huddled round a computer while one or two are engaged in playing, when they could be doing so many more things with their time.

Ella also had a great time trying to join in and we taught her how to do  pat-a-cake.

Funclapping is a cool website that has videos of children doing the clapping game so you can learn the tunes as well as the actions.

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