Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Kung Fu!

In our home the Sabbath day is a special day being the Lord's day and we try to teach this to our children. We encourage them to choose activities which help them grow closer to their families and to Jesus Christ. The following conversation was over heard today.
Joseph - "Do you want to play Kung Fu?"
Anna-Maria - "Yes, but everyone in the Kung Fu class has to be in the true church because today is           Sunday."

Today was Lily's blessing - performed by her Daddy and assisted by Grandpa and Uncle David (Brother Morris). Lily is such a cutie. Tane left us again for 3 more weeks of training in the territorials in Waiouru. I think he is in for another 3 weeks of PAIN!! Better him than me... motherhood is certainly makes me tired and grumpy at times but is not associated with that level of PAIN.

Tane took the boys for a hike up to the Pinnacles. It took them 5 hours to get up to the hut. The boys were so proud of themselves to have made it... and their Dad was even prouder of them. They had a great father-son outing and Tane had lots of opportunities to teach them skills and tips he learnt during his army training.
They slept at the camp that night and walked down the following day. They were so wasted the following day, but they really loved it. Joshua keeps saying how much he is going to miss his Dad and I think it is mostly because of the great bonding time they had together.

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