Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reading the scriptures

I was really surprised with my children this week. They each set their own goals with no prompting from us. It started with Joseph.  He decided he wanted to read the Book of Mormon we started together and he has already read the first 10 chapters.

Annamaria started reading Genesis. She had some funny comments. First she thought it was pretty funny that 'Go said it was good' 3 times in one chapter. So I explained why he said it was good. Because God was creating a beautiful Earth for us and he had to make sure it was just right.

This morning she told me something else was funny in the Bible. She told me that God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful. She did not understand what that meant but we were able to talk about God wanting Adam and Eve to have children just like  fruit trees bear fruit.

Last week we went to visit friends. They gave us a French Book of Mormon.  Today Joshua told me he wanted to study the Book of Mormon in French.  He made a start and I can hear him now reading verse for verse French then English.

They all also decided to enter the local agricultural show. They want to enter into the art, cooking, handicrafts, cake decorating, and woodwork sections. So we are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

Lily in her first pair of shoes. Too cute!

This is trying to get the kids to all look at the camera together for a photo.... not going to happen!

Little monkey

Anna doing leap-frog. She loves it.

Ella- looking simply gorgeous!

Our garden is becoming slowly productive. We are growing corn, basil, tomatoes, strawberries, chilli, lettuce, cucumber, beans and pumpkin. The kids take turns to water the garden.

Joseph made himself a shield.

This is where I found Lily

Anna and Ella decided to make prices crowns.

Joshua is still loving his sailing, and planning on what boat to build.

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Pianika said...

Tell Joseph thats awesome that he's reading the book of mormon in french, I did that just before my mission and it was a big help with the language (course it wasn't till later I found out the BOM in french mostly uses a past historic tense that you never hear in normal life), but I did learn the words for sword and record lol. The kids are getting so big! and its only been 8months since you left. Luv Ruth :)