Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why I love Leadership Education a.k.a. Thomas Jefferson Education

For home education we follow a philisophy called Thomas Jefferson Education (TJED) or Leadership Education. It is a fantastic way to bring up children in light and truth and to inspire them to learn. My youngest children are in CORE phase, where they are mainly learning right and wrong, good and bad, and work and play. My older two children are in Love of Learning phase, where we are inspiring them to fall in love with learning about a broad expanse of knowledge. Here are my highlights of this week doing TJED. 

1. I love it when Ella (3yrs) volunteers to set the cutlery on the table and then asks her big sister Annamaria (6yrs) 'can you train me?', which she obliges to do.

2. Joshua's conversation a few days ago after finishing reading 'The Once and Future King' - 
"The problem with King Arthur is that when he sets up the round table he makes the assumption that all men are inherently good... I mean they are all inherently good, but some of them just choose to be bad." 
That was such a good opener for a discussion. We talked all about people being corrupted by power, the innocence of children and the importance of having GREAT mentors, especially during those formative years. (Wish it could have been video-taped for the homeschool authorised person who does not think my children understand anything of what they read... yes my son does comprehension daily)

3. Overhearing Joseph and Ella. They were sitting down looking at her 'who's your hero book of mormon puzzle. This was the conversation...
Joseph - Is this a goodie or a baddie?
Ella - Goodie?
Joseph - No he's is a baddie...King Noah
Joseph - Goodie or Baddie?
Ella - Goodie  
Joseph - Yes, Nephi is a goodie.
Core phase is sooo fun.

4. Teaching my sons valiant class today at church and Joshua saying on the way home why can't our normal valiant teacher teach like a TJED teacher.

5. Sitting on my bed and glancing out the window I see Joseph teaching Annamaria how to throw a garden cane (javelin-style) in our little back garden. Had to grab the camera and get a quick pic of that. If they were stuck in school, they just would not have the time to develop these close relationships which I am relishing watching develop.

Here Joseph is showing Annamaria the correct way to hold and aim the garden cane.
 And here she has thrown it across the garden. I just love it!

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