Sunday, January 7, 2018

Its 2018 where did the time go?

It has been an incredibly long time since I oosted about our family and probably a reflection of the busy-ness of my brain, my life and our family life.
We are now living in Dunedin and Tane has just finished his 3rd year at medical school. It has been an epic long time but what a relief we have time for rest and relaxation before another busy year commences.
Josh has completed his 1st year at high school. The first 2 terms were a pretty bumpy ride as he struggled to find his place in the school and make friends. Now however he can say with a smile that he enjoyed school and he is definately looking forward to going back. He has found in his class a good bunch of boys who even if they do not have identical values, most certainly share Josh's intellect but also respect Joshua for his beliefs. Josh enjoys playo g the biolin and sailing. He is off to 2 regattas next week one in Wanaka and another in Queenst

Joseph and Anna spent their first year at Steiner school. Joseph also had a bit of a bumpy transition but that has settled nicely and he too has found a nice bunch of friends.  One of the highlights of his year would have been turning 12 and getting ordained to the priesthood. He also was able to go to the temple for the first time with his dad. He was supposed to visit his Poppa Monty but started vomiting and had to stay with grandma Sharon. He also had a year 5 trip to the Olympics -Greek style which  he loved.

Anna is now 10 years old. She loved her school from the start as well as her bew friends. However she has been a little tired of it during the winter and sometimes asks to be homeschooled still. She went for a school trip to quarantine island which she loved.
Anna has a passion and talent for highland dancing. She loves it and was in the national competition and came 2nd in  the jig. That was a great acomplishment. She is so graceful and strong. She continues to play the violin. And loves drawing and painting.
Here is Anna and the girls at their 'Anne of green gables tea party' they had when I went to Wellington for my GP exam. It was put on by Hannah their nanny who Anna misses a lot now she has gone back to Arizona.

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