Monday, May 23, 2011

Sleep deprivation... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Well what a day! A day full of bloopers. I had to get the car to the mechanics by 9am, which of course meant having the older kids bundled up and booted off to school and kindergarten. Upon arriving at the mechanics I realised the 30 or so lemons on the floor of the car may be in the way of the mechanic as he goes to repair the airbag so quickly had to gather them up and place them on the seat (they are waiting to be processed into lemon honey after being kindly donated to us from a friend at church).

Leaving the car and the KEYS in the care of the mechanic I walked back home, upon which I noticed to my disgust there was doggy-doos in the middle of the drive-way. Now anyone who knows me will understand that having to pick up doggy-doos is my pet hate, and the main reason I don't think I could have a dog. It just makes my insides turn inside out. I just ignored it and hoped the neighbour or my lovely husband would deal with it later.

It was then that I realised I had handed over my keys to the mechanic including my house key, so I had to 'invade' my own house via the kitchen window. After wrestling my way through 3 loads of washing and commencing on the kitchen to my horror I got 'the phone-call' from the real-estate agent. We are unsuccessfully trying to sell our house and she had some-one coming over at 4.30pm. By this time it was 1.30, but as I was walk to pick up the kids I had 1 hour to sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuum the entire house and put away tonnes of washing, toys and books.

Anna-Maria set to work at full-speed (luckily the baby slept). This also meant I had to deal with the doggy-doos as no-one would even want to enter the property with such a welcome. I kept an eye on the clock so we would be out the door by 2.30pm and was getting pretty pleased with how much work we had accomplished in 45 minutes. A few moments later when I glanced at the clock I realised I was a whole hour late. It was 3.15 not 2.15pm... school had already finished. Luckily Tane had brought the car home as it would have taken me until  3.45 to walk to school.

When we arrived the kids were riding their bikes around the playground and Joseph exclaimed "Mum, we were wondering where you were!" OOOOPPPSSYY!! SO I was aiming for an early night and after a not so disastrous family home evening, managed to get the baby and myself off to sleep. It was not to last however as we were jolted awake by 2 squabbling monkeys a.k.a.the boys. GGGRRR. So back to the ususal cycle of baby awake in the late evening and sleeping in the morning.

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