Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anna-Maria ballerina!

Anna-Maria had her 1st dance concert this weekend. She was sooooooooooo excited all day long waiting for the evening to come. She tidied her bedroom, and the boys bedroom, sorted all the books on the bookshelf so that everything would be tidy and we could all go to the show. In the afternoon we went shopping and bought some hair mousse and detangling spray so we could make her hair all pretty.
She had her hair half-up/half-down and she wore and pink leotard sewn into a dress with her expensive ballet shoes. It was covered in sparkles which she loved. She got to wear 2 little flowers in her hair.
At the theatre we had to go down the lift into the dressing rooms in the basement. There were 22 little girls performing. They were all so cute.
They went up onto the stage and had a practice, then back downstairs to wait and do some stretches with the bigger girls.
Anna-Maria was at the front right in front of where Tane and the other kids were sitting (on the 2nd row).
They did a dance to the music from Aladdin "A whole new world'. They started off lying on the floor and then gracefully sitting up and moving their arms, then standing up and doing demi-plies and points and twirls.
She was a star, and everyone in the family were so proud of her.

The second day she performed again, this time she did even better - I think because she knew what would happen when the curtains came up. At the end of the performance her teacher and the principal of the dance school gave all the girls a trophy each. Anna-Maria loves it and couldn't wait to come home and show it to the boys and daddy.

Anna-Maria is such a cutie, the other day she declared "I am the boss of my bedroom" (which she shares with Ella-Rose) "... and she (meaning Ella-Rose) is just the kid"

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