Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On Friday the kids did Megacrunch at school. I was an event to promote fruit or veggies and water as the snacks of choice at school. The kids participated in a series of activities from making vegetable people, to potato prints, to racing grapes across a table by shooting water at it with a water pistol.
After the activities all the kids (and parents) came together in the cola and we did a countdown and then everyone took a bite into a fruit or vegetable.

They took photos and are submitting it to the guiness book of records for the most people eating fruit or veg at the same time.
When Ella-Rose and I went back home for lunch, she spent the whole afternoon crying and standing by the door wanting to go back to school.

When 3pm came around and I asked her if she wanted to go to school and get the kids she grinned, nodded and ran straight to the door with her Pooh bear. She was in a much better mood.

She is such a cutie!!

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