Sunday, September 11, 2011

The last 3 weeks

The kids have been in Auckland for the past 3 weeks. I went to Christchurch for work for 5 days the first week, then  four the second. The third week tane went back to Blenheim for a last 5 days of work so we are finally finished with work for a short while.

During this time we have been getting the kids to do reading, writing and maths each day to ensure they don't slip behind by having so much time off school. They have also been on lots of outings and trips all around Auckland. I thought I would take a few pics of what they have been up to.

 For their maths, the kids have really enjoyed plaing junior monopoly.

 The kids had loads of fun on the train at Pt Chev... even baby.

 The weather has been beautiful the past 3 weeks. The kids even enjoyed paddling in the sea... was not as warm as Rarotonga will be but did not prevent them from having fun.

 Baby loves the taste of sand

Poppa Monty and Nana Noelene came to visit. That was a nice surprise. Baby was happy to have cuddles with Poppa.

Wow they are playing nicely and not fighting... yay!!

Tane showing the chickens to baby. She is so tight with her daddy. I think she will be a daddys girl.

Tane and Grandma took the kids to MOTAT. They loved it  so much they went twice.

Ella-Rose was fascinated by the 'other baby' in the mirror maze

She had lots of kisses for her

 The kids really loved the stocks... they like reading about all this kind of stuff in the 'horrible histories' series.

Ally's 3rd birthday party. The kids had a fun time eating yummy food and playing pass the parcel, although Anna-Maria was upset she did not get to open a layer of the parcel

The kids have had heaps of fun and are looking forward to our holiday and seeing their aunty and cousins!!!

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