Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's always fun when Grandpa comes!

The kids were happy this week, Grandpa came to visit for 4 days. He came and watched them at rugby practice and came to pick them up from school. Yesterday Grandpa picked up Anna-Maria from Kindy and took her to the bakery. She chose the largest item she could see - a big chocolate lamington... and she ate the lot.

On thursday evening Grandpa did a chemistry experiment with Joshua making crystals. The two boys have had fun playing with Grandpa's ipod, listening to the music and all the little gizmos on it like the stopwatch and the pedometer. We used it to test the boys their times tables and their basic facts... they had lots of fun and seemed to learn twice as fast... we should have done that ages ago. Joseph told me he wants to get an ipod. I told him they are for big people and seeing as mum and dad don't have one it is unlikely he will.

Ella-Rose was funny. She was all smiles when we went to pick up Grandpa... that was until we got home and he held her. That was it. She just packed up and started crying... with that look at me... 'pick me up mum!' After that she was a little more weary of him, but then started to smile when he talked to her. By the end of the 2nd day she was much happier and all smiles when Grandpa was holding her.

It was a shame he was only able to be here for 4 days, but we are planning on visiting them in the not too distant future. Miss you already Grandpa xxx

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