Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a day!

Well we got to church just in time... and got all the kids sitting still. Then just as the opening hymn is starting I got a whiff of an unpleasant smell. No not the baby's nappy... it was worse than that.

So I ask Tane to check my shoes... clean, his shoes... clean, Anna-Maria's... not clean. Right - off they come. I am supposed to be conducting the music but am promptly disposing of shoes in a plastic bag in the car.

Back in my seat... I get another whiff. Check the boys shoes and off comes Joseph's - and into the car. So that's two children now in socks. Thankfully that was the end of that episode...

I glance around to make sure the rest of the primary presidency are here but I don't see anyone else... and we have no teachers either, they've just been released. I get this kind of sinking feeling at the realisation I could be 'it'.

However - thankfully the president and a teacher are here... but that doesn't mean we are without problems. I end up taking the 2 CTR classes and the Sunbeam class which is an interesting combination, but I think we managed to learn something about the 1st principles and ordinances of the gospel. One little boy was completely full of energy and kept chalking on the board, playing the piano, kicking over chairs and jumping off stacks of chairs... Thankfully he settled down when I asked Tane to come and sit with him.

By the time we got to music time I think the children had no recollection of what the word reverence meant despite reminders, sticker bribes, revent songs, fun songs and being told off. Children were standing on and jumping off chairs so in the end they were all put away and made to sit on the floor, which may have been worse as then they were lying down.

By this time as the president was finishing off sharing time, I was sitting on the floor with a glazed over look on my face. "This is completely crazy"... and I'm thinking in my mind "what can we do to improve our primary?"

I come out of primary and tell one of the mums it was the 'worst sharing time ever...' but I am still managing to smile as I write this which is why we'll do it all again next week. Because we love the kids, and the Lord. But next week we've put in a request for an army of helpers. :)

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