Sunday, June 12, 2011

The things kids say!

Anna-Maria on carparks - "park-ups"

Joseph on a lost soccer boot we found in the park - "Some people have too many soccer boots so they leave them at the park. They are nutters!"

Joseph: "Look at the Bulls!"
Mum: "They are cows not bulls. The girl ones are cows..."
Joseph: "... and the boy ones are bulls and they have to fall in love with the cows."

Joseph to Dad: "I will even love you when you're old and lose your marbles."

Recently we borrowed a DVD from a friend which had all the songs from Les Miserables. We all have loved watching it and we all have got certain songs ingrained in our heads. This morning I was singing "One more day to revolution, we will cut the fat ones down" and Anna-Maria gave an unsolicited response -  "Daddy is the fattest one." :) Kids can be so straight up sometimes.

At church Joseph pointed to a senior missionary couple and asked "why are some elders called the elderly?"
I just cracked up laughing! :)

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