Monday, August 15, 2011

Funny stuff our kids say

Anna-Maria: What is that smell?
Me: Someone is smoking.
Anna-Maria: We don't smoke do we
Mum: No
Anna-Maria: It makes your lungs black
Mum: Thats right.
Anna-Maria:: We have pink lungs don't we mum.
Mum: Yes
Anna-Maria:: What colour lungs do boys have?

Mum: "Oh no do not look in the margarine container!"
Joseph: "Come on let me look. I'm a man."
- so he looks.
Joseph to mum: "You're so in trouble!..."
That's the tub of margarine after sitting on the stove while the roast was cooking.

I was singing a church song which goes like this: "and so my needs are great"
Anna-Maria said "Our knees aren't grey are they?"
I cracked up then asked her "who has grey knees?"
Anna-Maria: "Nobody!" (as if that was such a silly question).

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