Monday, August 15, 2011

It's snowing!!

We've lived here for 4 years now and today was the first time it has snowed in Blenheim. The kids were really excited but Tane and I are really nervous as we are supposed to be driving to Mum and Dad's on Friday and the 2 main routes there are closed.

We are hoping that maybe it will melt by then or at least enough to open the roads... otherwise we might be stranded with no home and nowhere to go...

Here is Anna-Maria excited about the snow. Not enough to settle, but the forecast is snow for another day or so... you never know...

And a few pics of her trying to catch the snow.

You can't even see the snow on the photos but believe me it was there... and it was cold.... still is... outside. We are all toasty warm inside with the heat-pump cranking... The kids are ready for school in their T-shirts and I have to remind them although it's 24 degrees inside, it's 2 degrees outside.

Now just for fun... our hot water is not working... we have no idea why...but on the coldest day... it decides to pack up. Great. The kids will just be having a wash in front of the heat-pump tomorrow. We'd better get that sorted as we're moving in 4 days.

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