Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't stuff your things under the bed!

My mum always made us clean our rooms properly... and would check them when we were done. I have always told my kids to clean their rooms properly and if I find they have just filled drawers with their things or thrown it under the bed, they have to do it again until I'm satisfied. Which is why I giggled to myself when I found myself doing the same thing. I don't usually do this but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. The real estate agent called and said she would be bringing someone to view the house in an hour. Luckily I  pretty much had the lounge and kitchen sorted, but the boys room was lets just say looked like the 'floordrobe'. So as I was proceeding to deal with a mountain of clothes there was a knock at the door and there they were.
So under the bed went all the clothes.

Its a pity though that the housing market is so flat. It doesn't seem to matter whether clothes are on the floor or on the drawers, there are still very few buyers out there. But we live in hope.

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mighty acorns said...

i do random bed checks too...

but i remember a time when i was a child and my parents were selling the house...My mum was fastidious (the house was marketed as 'lawns cut with nail scissors...). Mum was baking and the dishes were all over the bench. the agent came to the door and in her panic Mum stuck everything, dirty dishes included into the oven.