Sunday, May 11, 2014

We love Ashie-Boy

We have the nicest neighbours. They have a pony. It does not live next door to us but lives in a paddock down the road. He is a white pony. Jordan is a 17 year old high school student and every Wednesday she teaches Annamaria horse riding. She shows her how to care for the pony by brushing him down and how to remove mud from in his hooves. She also gets to feed him, and put on his saddle, bridle and reins.

Annamaria would love to have a horse, and she is saving up. I think she has saved $32 so far. She sometimes does extra jobs so she can save more money. The only problem is we need a farm first.
This week the rest of the children had  a real treat because they all were able to have a turn riding Ash, including Lily. That was pretty fun. The funniest part was Lily had a big tantrum when she had to get off, and an even bigger tantrum when she had to take the riding helmet off. She just wanted to keep it on her.
Annamaria is becoming a professional. She can walk, and trot with Ash. She can also ride bare-back and without holding onto the reins. When Ash was jumping over the logs, he did a massive jump which surprised Anna and she grabbed onto his mane.

Ella was super excited to get her turn. We only went to watch Annamaria so we could take some photos, so getting to have a ride was a surprise.

Joseph enjoyed himself, but thought it was a bit scary when Ash was trotting.

Joshua would love a horse as well. 

 Lily was all very serious when she was riding. She loved the horse and wanted to be involved in all the action, as long as his face did not come too close to her.
Lily having a tantrum on the floor when she had to get off the horse and take off the helmet.

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