Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snow Fun!!

A great way to end the school holidays! We went with friends of ours to the snow. We had a really great time. Here are the kids being really excited as we approach the skifield.

Tane took Josh skiing. Josh had a lesson first then spent most of the time of the beginner slope. Josh is really starting to enjoy himself and is pretty good on the skiis. It is the 4th time he has been, so now he spends more time on his skiis than in the snow. Tane is getting pretty good too. Towards the end of the day Tane took Josh onto the advanced learner slope and he did really well on that. Tane thought he was going to crash in the barrier at bottom of the slope, but he has learnt how to control his speed, so was able to slow down.

Me and the 3 other kids hung out in the area where everyone was sledging. It was very cool. I kept going down the slope with Anna-Maria, and Joseph did it him self. Baby slept in her buggy, then tried touching and eating the snow. 

The only little hitch we ran into was that I had left Tane to sort out the food... I had bought it the day before but he was to pack it.... So he just grabbed umpteen boxes of muesli bars, chips, chocolate and bottles of water. But there was nothing substantive... He had severely underestimated the amount of energy that skiing saps out of him, and how hungry a family with 4 growing kids would be... so after eating the entire contents of our car... the kids were still hungry... luckily they could survive the 1 hour drive home with promises of fish and chips without having a melt down... A promise which did come true and the day ended with smiles and full tummies.

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