Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rugby World Cup Fever!!!

If you haven't already heard, I took the kids down to the Convention Centre for the 2011 Rugby World Cup Roadshow. Joseph and Josh both play rugby for the Harlequins. They love it and are very excited about the Rugby World Cup. If you click the link below you can vote for the kids to win a family holiday (we are currently in 27th place)

Anyway... on with the story...We woke up at 5am so I could feed they boys and the baby (Tane and Anna were in Auckland). They got dressed in their rugby uniforms and I painted their faces. They were really excited also because they had the chance to be on TV. So we got there just on 6am.

When we arrived, there was a group of kids gathering together for something... I thought they were getting ready for a photo or something so I told the kids to go stand in the front (because they were smaller than most of the kids)... Then I realised they were to sing a song to be videoed and broadcast on air. So while I was feeding Ella her weetbix, they were being drilled in a song all about how their dad loves rugby. By about 6.30am it was time to be filmed... I didn't get to see it, but Tane and Anna watched it in Auckland. He txted me and said their faces looked like 'stunned mullets'.

The boys with Tamati Coffey - Host of the RWC Roadshows
The boys with a random guy that all the kids were mesmerised with...  he had a suit, mask shoes, had all  made from mirrors, it was pretty amazing.

After that they looked around at some of the displays they had. One was on Russia as Blenheim is hosting Russia for the RWC. They got to look at and have a photo with the Ellis Webb Cup (the Rugby World Cup). It was smaller than I had imagined. They even convinced me to get in the photo. The kids had a taste of the excitement which is yet to come...


Viv said...

That is sooooo BIZAARE!!! I just wrote a post on Rugby! We must have been writing around the same time! Love this post!
I don't have a son yet, but I can't wait to have one. When I do, I have ALWAYS wanted to call him Tane! Lol!!! So funny!

Anonymous said...

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