Sunday, July 31, 2011

Comments from the Daddy Daycare Centre

My wife has been working a few shifts at the hospital, conveniently during the school holidays, and I organised the time off work to spend some quality time with the children. to put it another way, this was the "dry run" for when we go to Australia when Deborah goes and works full-time.

Well what do I make of it? Key for me, and for the kids, was routine.Getting them up at the same time, or similar, because it was the holidays and sleeping in for an hour was a nice treat.

26 July 2011

Went to Kungfu Panda 2 with all of the kids. I am a self confessed movie buff and I love it when block buster season is out, cause I would try to see all of them if I can. The kids were the first ones to remind me that today was the long awaited movie day. I told them that they needed to do their homework, which unsurprisiningly they did with a cheerful attitude. Josh did piano pieces without complaining and he even did written book reviews, and to my surprise, he did a very good one on robots. Joseph did addition cards and Anna did her word cards without a hitch. Strange what a little motivation can do for the troops! When I started tidying up the kitchen, Anna unloaded the dishwasher by herself.

The kids insisted on getting some treats for the movies, but not wanting to disappoint the kids and not wanting to pay for trumped up prices the cinemas charge and the lousey service they provide, the kids and I trundled off to the supermarket to get us some treats. Drinks, caramel popcorn, whittakers chocalate and 2 bananas for baby was all we needed. Now you might wonder why we got "whittakers". It's because Deborah has told them of the evils of normal chocolate and the harrowing pictures of some little kid their age making the chocolate in sweatshop conditions. the least Joshua and Joseph comment was that we could buy only "free trade" chocolate and the only one there was, you guessed it whittakers! Next stop the movies.

One thing that I did not think of was the parking. Being a small town and I thought "no problem", but no, it didn't dawn on me that school holidays, combined with the Cheap Tuesdays would create and perfect textbook example of supply and demand in economics101 senario where supply, being carparks, was outstripped my all those mummys in Blenheim getting to the cinema carparks before me and forcing me to pay a premium ($1.50 to be exact) in parking meter fees. Lucklily it didn't stop me or the kids from getting some good seats for the movies.

The Movie Review... Kung Fu Panda 2

To cut a long story short I saw hardly any of it :(... On cue, baby was being restless and I had to take her out. The funny thing was, I didn't really mind. Coaxing her off to sleep was something special. And while I could hear the movies behind the door to the cinema I took more enjoyment watching her go to sleep. When I did get into watch the movie I liked what I saw. Josh, Joseph and Anna by this time had drank almost all of their drink bottles and I was running through my mind that each one of them at various stages of the movie would want to go to the toilet. Funny enough none of them did.

We got home with mission accomplished.

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