Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun with the kids

Just a few pics of the fun stuff the kids have been getting up to this week.

Ella-Rose had her first slide... and enjoyed it.

The kids in the school sandpit and playground after school.

Anna-Maria wanted me to paint her face like a cat. We only have red facepaint and black eyeliner so this was the result.

I took Anna-Maria to Kindy-gym. Its for an hour where they let all the pre-school kids have a play on the gyn equipment. Anna-Maria loved it.

Ella-Rose was not so keen on making happy faces when she was ready for a sleep.

But she was happy having cuddles with Josh before church.

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AK said...

I like th Kindy Gym idea. I bet she loves it. Sylvia saw kids on tv on a trampoline and said..I want to go there....but there is not anything local that I have seen. Well at least shell be busy in school soon!