Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday fun!

What one busy crazy fun Friday. It began at 6am... like all our Fridays a the moment... but this one was different. We had to be at school by 7.15 as the culture group was having a shared breakfast. They got sponsorship from local stores to provide bread, cereal, sausage, bacon, Milo, milk, beans and spaghetti... The kids loved it. They fed the siblings and parents too. I got to lunchtime and thought 'I'd better eat' and then remembered the reason I wasn't hungry.

At lunch-time the kids had a shared lunch and parents were invited to join them. I spent lunch with Josh and he showed me a lot of the work he had been doing this term - I had spent Tues lunchtime with Joseph as they have had concerts at lunchtime all week. After lunch the school put on a concert with all the classes performing but also there were some individual items. Joseph and Josh both performed Maori songs for Maori language week.

Joseph singing a Maori hand action song

Josh singing a song about Maori colours
In the evening was the school disco. I had bought tickets for them the week before and they had refunded the ticket I bought for Anna-Maria as they said no non-school children were allowed. That really upset the kids. Especially Josh. He really has a strong sense of justice and fairness (I don't suppose that has anything to do with having a lawyer for a father). They kids were so upset we encouraged them to write a letter to the principle of the school about it.... so they did, in their own words...Joseph even added a picture of how he felt... Excuse the spelling mistakes... they are 5 and 7 yrs old.

Josh wrote:
Dere Mr Hewscon I thour that our valu this term is kindness    we are not being kind Because you will not let my sistere come to the Disco.    IT IS Not Kind or Fer!    Or scool moto is Be Kind Be Safe Be Fer!

Joseph wrote:
Der Mr Hewson I jus fond out that kindy kids cant cum to the disco    my sistr was very exuted but when we got the tcket the said she cayldnt come   that is not fair or kind    from Joseph

The pic was

Before we left Joshua had a plan. He said "I know... if they don't let Anna-Maria in, then none of us will go. Joseph wasn't keen on that idea as his heart was set on going and having a fun time with his friends. I was really pleased to see how much they (especially Josh) cared about their sister. We took her anyway, she got in and she had a blast. I think they (the school board) were concerned that parents would leave their pre-schoolers there and take off... as if!!! It was like a noisy, crazy zoo!! The kids spent all their pocket money on lollies, juice, and glowing necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Anna-Maria was sooo happy to be able to go!

Joseph had all the moves!!!

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Viv said...

What a lovely post! Your children are just awesome! I think it was a great idea for the kids to write a letter! Go you!!!