Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun at One Tree Hill

We spent last Saturday with the kids at the Stardome and One Tree Hill.

At the stardome the kids enjoyed looking at all the displays, pretending to be astronauts and looking at the things for sale in the shop.

Below is team Brunt gearing up for their mission to Mars.

 Joseph and Anna-Maria and their encounter with aliens.

It was so much fun watching the children and their antics.

Josh spent most of his time on the little train. It was really nice watching him as he would push other kids round and round and then take a turn when he could.

Joseph spent his time on the round-a-bout. He was on it for ages, didn't get dizzy like I would have. Tane (who is just a big kid) played on it with them for a while, but kept making all the kids fall off. I could see other parents staring as their kids were flung off the roundabout so he came and sat down with me.

Anna-Maria had fun on the slides.

Ella-Rose had fun eating bark and all kinds of other things she could find to put in her mouth and generally just hanging out with mum and dad.

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