Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers Day! Inspired by... My Dad

My dad is an inspiration to be because he is such a hard worker. He has been like this all his life. Even when he was unemployed he was out serving others by helping to fix something. He also works hard once he gets home either in the garden or in the garage. He works long hours day-in, day-out to support his family, despite the fact that he does not really enjoy his job.

When I was younger he used to have a newspaper round. He would get up early in the morning and drive to pick up the papers. I would go with him sometimes - which I thought was a rather cool adventure. When we loaded the car up with papers... the car was very full, because it was a small car and I usually ended up sitting with my head up against the ceiling as I was sitting on a few bundles. As we drove around in the dark, we would keep our eyes on the road looking for 'spatterations' (a term Angela coined for animals killed on the road). They were usually hedgehogs (I think). Anyway... being with my dad and seeing what he did for our family made me appreciate the long hours he often worked.

He also encouraged me to work had. One day we had a father-daughter interview and he told me I had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I don't think it really mattered to him what it was... and I do not remember what I said... but what that did tell me was a) my dad cared about me to want to know what I was interested in, and b) that he thought it was important for me to make goals.

My dad's life is an inspiration to me. He may not have changed the world, by inventing some new technology or discovering great scientific mysteries, he may not be famous or wealthy by the worlds terms. He doesn't speak or write the Queen's english. But to me he is an example of developing potential.

Many people do not know that he came from difficult social circumstances, and I can see he has changed a lot over the past (almost) 30 years since I have been on the earth. I remember as a child he would lay on the couch and not participate as we had family home evening or scripture study. He wouldn't do the dishes and lay on the couch watching soccer games all sunday afternoon after church. But what he did do everyday he had a job, was go to work, and he did serve his calling in the church (this is unpaid work for our church). As I grew up I saw him change and pariticpate more in family home evenings and around the house.

He has always, always served his calling as best he could and continues to do this. Since staying with my family, I have been told several times about how hard my dad works in his calling and how grateful other ward members are for the service he gives. He inspires me to work hard everyday... whether that is at home as a wife, mother and homemaker, at church in my calling or at work as a doctor.

I love you Dad!!

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