Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go the All Blacks!!!

Friday night was the opening ceremony for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The kids, especially the boys, were excited. The excitement had been building all week. As we drove around to various activities, the kids had great enjoyment spotting flags flying from cars, houses and on car bonnets. They also have enjoyed identifying which countries they are from.

I told them we were having an All Black party on Friday evening so we got some party food ready. Tacos and chilli, sausage rolls, fizzy drinks, chips, carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and dip.

The kids wanted their faces painting... and so did James. They all snuggled up on the couch and settled in for the opening ceremony. They were in awe of that. It was really well done. Anna-Maria had enough after that so was put to bed. But the boys stayed up for the whole match All Blacks vs Tonga.

 You can see that Ella-Rose was REALLY excited to watch the rugby...

Joseph was really funny and kept coming up with hilariouse statements. 'The All Blacks have score 2 tries... Thats UNBELIEVABLE!!'

He said to the All Blacks when they were being tackled 'Stick your tongue out mate'. I asked 'what is that supposed to do?' He replied 'Scare them'.

The only thing missing was Tane... but thankfully he came home on Saturday... and we finally feel like a family back together again.  :)

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