Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ella-Rose took her first steps!!

On friday night we watched a 'Herbie' movie. Tane picked the DVD up cheap at a garage sale and the boys really enjoyed it. They love that crazy slapstick humour and were cracking up all the time.

We watch our DVDs on the laptop and Ella-Rose's favourite past-time is to crawl over to the laptop and bang on the keys while we are watching a movie. Then usually Anna-Maria grabs her and takes her to the back of the lounge. She then crawls back towards the laptop and continues to bash the keys.

When she was standing at the laptop, she turned around and tried to take a few steps forward... and then bump back down on her bottom. Of course we tried to get her to do it again but she just kept sitting down. I don't think she even realised what she had done. And she has not done it since of course.

Saturday morning we went to some garage sales. We got a christmas tree... Tane asked me why I wanted one... I just rolled my eyes... His family was not very big with traditions like birthdays and christmas or at least he can't remember... not like my childhood memories. . They were full of memories of our family traditions.

Joseph bought a light saber with his pocket money and Josh bought a wooden out-rigger canoe, complete with a sail. Joseph had bought a wooden ship last week so it looks like they are getting a collection. Anna-Maria got a Dora the Explorer game.

This evening Tane moved the lawn, while Anna-Maria and I mulched our plants in the garden. I think about 80% of the seedlings we planted are surviving.

Anna-Maria has been doing school visits... which is just spending half an hour in the afternoon at school to get familiar with the school. She has to do an assessment at the end of January so they can place her in a class and starts school early feb.

Today Ella-Rose has been especially grumpy... poor thing. I noticed tonight that she is cutting her first tooth.

Here is a vid of Ella-Rose taking a few steps.

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