Friday, March 1, 2013

Wild Turkeys and Butterflies

We drove over to Thames to Butterfly house for a trip with the local homeschool group. We were off to a late start... waking up at 8am, which was the time I had sorted in my mind when we needed to leave, however having 2 littlies keeping me up overnight, I just kept on sleeping till the kids woke me up. So we were already running an hour late and jumped in the car at 9am. So we would have arrived there sooner, had the Navman been playing fair... it decided to take us on a nice big loop in the middle of the countryside for no real apparent reason.

On the way we also had to make a few stops for the kids to take pics of the wild turkeys that were congregating on the roads and flying over the car.  And unfortunately the camera battery died after taking copious amounts of photos of the turkeys.

When we arrived we made our way straight into the butterfly house. now I had imagined this to be much like an reptile enclosure at the zoo, with different butterflies in separate displays behind glass, with nice labels as to which they were. Not this place, as soon as we walked in, it was like walking into a hot house, and there were butterflies everywhere... it was very cool. The kids loved it and tried picking up a variety of butterflies. There were monarchs, owl butterflies which were blue but when the wings were folded looked like a large eye. There was even one species from the Phillipines called the Mormon butterfly (cute).

One landed on my hand as I was holding a blue dummy. I held it close to Lily's face and she watched it intently as it opened and closed it's wings... that is until Ella-Rose decided to chase it away.

After the butterfly house we went to the beach at Te Puru... it began to rain as we pulled up, but the kids still had a short dip. As we were just down the road from Tane's parents we were able to call in and have dinner with Nana Noelene and Poppa Monty. They put on a lovely BBQ for us.

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