Friday, March 1, 2013

Random Pics

Ella-Rose having her own kind of fun!

She has all of a sudden developed a love of books... I think it relates to the fact that we have stories together each day for at least an hour and longer if the kids can convince me otherwise. So she always wants to be the first in line to have stories read to her. She also runs round the house finding the narnia books and running up to me chanting 'narnia, narnia'. She knows it is something cool, even if she doesn't understand. She even jumped on Joshua's knee today with Dr Seuss and requested 'read me', which he did as I was pre-occupied with Lily.

At the moment we are reading 'Cheaper by the Dozen' as well as 'The Silver Chair'. The kids are splitting their sides... it is extremely funny, and also interesting as we are learning lot about another time and another place (USA early 1900s).

Ella-Rose loves swings and the park. She is also even getting a little better each week at going to nursery. So far she lasted 30 mins without needing to be brought to me. Slowly we are getting there and she is realising nursery is much more fun than mummy's class.

Lily loves kisses, she laughs a lot. I laugh too. She is gorgeous. She is such a great baby. I think she's going to be a thumb sucker. She just sucks her fingers and is off to sleep pretty quick, she barely cries - yay. She loves food... she took to food more readily than any of the other children.

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