Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Gems

While walking down a friends driveway and having to step aside because a car was coming past, Anna-Maria exclaims with a big smile 'Great! I didn't get run over!'

I should think so!

Today was swimming sports. It was so much fun. Anna-Maria and Ella were in the 5 & under group. Anna-Maria was a little upset when she was swimming in her races, but the other kids were walking & therefore faster than her. However she did get first place in a few races. Ella had fun playing with the flutterboard until she had enough of the water.
Joseph came third in a few of his races. Josh struggles with speed but makes up for it in effort and enthusiasm. None of the boys wanted to get out at the end, even though the rest of us needed to eat as it was lunchtime.

Lily has been restarted on solids. Poor thing, she was really badly constipated and had to be put back on breastmilk only, but now things are fixed and she has her appetite back again. She gobbled up a small bowlful of stewed apple this evening.

Yesterday we went to the local library book-sale where they were selling off old books. We got some great books. Josh was straight to the bird section as he is wanting a lovebird. He found a book on lovebirds and one on budgies. I got a few travel books and and Italian cookbook for myself, and some war books for Tane. Ella-Rose got a book on the body and a Spot book (she really loves those at the moment). Anna-Maria found a really nice story about courage amid adversity (for kids - very beautifully written). Joseph got a dinosaur book and one about George and the Dragon. All-in all I think we bought about 40 books.

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