Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. Today was one of the best Easter's we have ever had. Last night, Tane and I stayed up late and made resurrection eggs. We got little plastic eggs, and placed scorched almonds in them. There were about 20 of them, but in 12 there were pictures of items that represented part of the Easter story.
Resurrection eggs Courtesy of Scrapping Suzie QTT

Tane got up early and hid them in various locations around the garden, along with one larger egg for each child and a few marshmallow eggs.

The kids were up at 6.30 am and came running into our rooms pretty disappointed that there was no Easter eggs on their beds. We suggested  maybe they were in the garden as maybe the Easter bunny was too busy to come inside. The kids went outside and just kind of stood there for a while... there were no Easter eggs in sight.

All of a sudden Anna-Maria bolted to an upside down bucket and flipped it over. Sure enough, underneath were 2 little plastic eggs... And the game was now on... all of a sudden 4 children sprung into action, running all over the front lawn trying to locate more eggs.

Anna-Maria looked in the mail-box and to her surprise there was the first large egg. She was so excited, but the others became discouraged. We suggested that maybe there was more than just one large egg... so they carried on looking, finding the other large eggs in the bushes, the pumpkin patch and the woodpile.

 Ella was fascinated. Even when the bigger kids had enough of searching, she went back outside with a mouth full of chocolate in search for more eggs.

When the kids had gathered up their stash, they proceeded to divvy it up and opened all the plastic eggs to reveal the scorched almonds and the little pictures. As each picture was numbered and had a scripture reference, we could share the Easter story with the children as they ate their Easter eggs.

After dinner... a yummy cold roast chicken and salad, we sat down together and watched 'To This End   was I Born'. Anna-Maria showed a rowing understanding of the gospel as we discussed the movie. She said it made her sad that Jesus died. But then she said, but if he didn't then we would not live again after we have died. Such simple truths from her little mouth.

Celebrating Easter... the Resurrection of our Saviour was really Special!

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