Thursday, May 26, 2011

E = mc2

I had the pleasure of going on a school trip with Joshua. We went for a walk in the bush with a guide from the dept of conservation who pointed out native birds, trees and bushes. Today I went to school and had a look at some of Joshua's recent schoolwork. His description of Pine Valley went a little like this -

"At Pine Valley I saw a hen and a fern. It looked like each leaf had 2 or 3 mini plants. There was a bridge next to it and a light well near it (If you beat the light to the ground you would be going at E=mc2 = mass speed of light  Einstein says)."

It's really neat to observe the ages and stages of each of my kids. Although the stages of child development are typically the same, each child experiences it differently due to their unique personalities. Likewise they develop their own little areas of interest. As you can see Joshua is very much interested in science at the moment. In particular he is enjoying learning about atoms and nuclear energy, bombs, weapons, war, and time travel. He may not have the concepts completely right but he is certainly enjoying discovering these areas of knowledge. I just wish his teacher had the same enthusiasm for his learning as he has. She thinks his efforts to express his interests like this amount to sabotaging the classroom.

Joseph on the other hand is very much interested in motorbikes, cars, racing cars. His basic reading skills are coming along steadily and it won't be long before he too is reading books to himself in his own areas of interest. Anna-Maria mostly likes picture books and of course likes looking at pictures of dancers.

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juliette said...

it might be worth you talking to the principal at the school debs, cos otherwise school could become negative for him because of his teachers attitude. unfortunately if one teacher is expressing such negative attitudes about joshua may be influencing how his future teachers see him.