Sunday, May 29, 2011

After 58 years of marriage...

Last night I was assessing a patient at work. He didn't give me much details about his medical problems, but did say quite a lot about his wife who had recently passed away. He was obviously still grieving and told me they had been married for 58 years.

I felt completely inadequate to be the recipient of such personal emotion, so just lamely held his hand and tried to be of some comfort. As he spoke of her I could see the fondness in his eyes and longing for her to be with him. I started thinking about my own marriage, how our 10 years was comparatively short, and yet I would imagine the grief I would experience should Tan pass away would be severe.

I though about where we would be after 58 years of marriage. I will be 77 and Tane 83 years old. Wow that is kinda scary!

I thought about the future I though what will be most important for me is at this age: that we have family around us who love us. Lots of children and grandchildren. We hope to have also served a mission or two together and travel the world - but if neither of those are possible... to have a happy family, and be firm in the faith to the end. I don't think I could wish for more than that.

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