Sunday, May 22, 2011

Drive-in Movie Night

We have just been to a really cool movie night with the kids. They had been so excited about it all day.... especially Joseph. Every 15 minutes he would demand everyone get in the car or would be exclaiming how we have missed the activity. All the kids took a cardboard box and decorate it like a car, then 'drive-in' to watch the movie. They had a really awesome time. The kids all put 'stereos' (cracker boxes) in their cars.

Today Anna-Maria asked me to attach her 'compost' to her belt... she meant 'compass'.

Earlier this morning we did our weekly ritual of going to the library after the boys rugby games. We are always the last to leave (they close up at 1pm) and I am sure we take the most books... Today we managed to take out 65. I think we get our council rates worth - thats over 3,000 books a year - which would cost a fortune and besides, in our small place we would have no place to keep them. It is bit of a mission to get them all to the car but none of the kids are willing to leave any behind. We take out so many books we have to reserve a corner of the lounge as the library book corner and keep all the books together in a book. Joshua's favourite book of the week is a book about watch this space if he tries to start pranking us... He had a very mischievous look on his face as he was checking that one out.  :)

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