Friday, May 20, 2011

No TV??

Since we have been married we decided not to have a TV in our home. Obviously there are some really good informative shows and some good entertaining ones, but we realised that a lot of what is on TV is simply rubbish. We also wanted family life to have more of an influence in our children's life than the characters and the characteristics they would be exposed to via TV. So what do our kids do for fun??? They make their own fun. As I was flicking though old photos I came across a few of the things I have found my kids doing 'for fun'.

             Playing with baby
 Nappies do have alternate uses

 Fishing and rowing on the trampoline

 Playing offices (like Daddy's)

 Boxes - oh the things you can do with them

 Climbing on the clothes line

 Diving onto the trampoline 

 Normally children drive their parents up the wall, but ours drive themselves up the wall.

PS. We do have pizza and movie night every Friday night (we watch the DVD on our computer) 

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