Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have been pondering starting a blog for the past few months, and trying to decide what form it would take. As a busy mum, I have tried scrapbooking, and on-line photobooks, but there always seems to be such a time-delay between getting photos printed after the photo has been taken, and thus capturing my thoughts about the event are lost. So here is my feeble attempt to capture thoughts, feeling and photos together in an amazing stash of memories.

My children are my treasures and my favourite poem about children conveys the way I feel towards my children.  Indeed we are low on treasure as most in the world would see it. However we are rich beyond measure when it comes to our 4 children.

by Edgar Guest

Some folks I know, when friends drop in
To visit for awhile and chin,
Just lead them round the rooms and halls
And show them pictures on their walls,
And point to rugs and tapestries
The works of men across the seas;
Their loving cups they show with pride,
To eyes that soon are stretching wide
With wonder at the treasures rare
That have been bought and gathered there.

But when folks come to call on me,
I've no such things for them to see.
No picture on my walls is great;
I have no ancient family plate;
No tapestry of rare design
Or costly woven rugs are mine;
I have no loving cup to show,
Or strange and valued curio;
But if my treasures they would see,
I bid them softly follow me.

And then I lead them up the stairs
Through trains of cars and Teddy bears,
And to a little room we creep
Where both my youngsters lie asleep,
Close locked in one another's arms.
I let them gaze upon their charms,
I let them see the legs of brown
Curled up beneath a sleeping gown,
And whisper in my happiness:
"Behold the treasures I possess."

I love my kids!

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